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Daxing airport will have Spring Festival for the first time the flight navigation company put on extra

Date: 2020-01-10

On January 9, according to civil aviation administration aspects, during the Spring Festival in 2020, Beijing daxing international airport is expected to protect passengers 1.9 million person-time, roads on a 1.25 vehicles;Average daily flights to 312 sorties, increases by about 15% than usual.

Has been in daxing airport flight are open.

China Eastern and its China united airlines is the main capacity, daxing airport in daxing airport share of 53.6%, as of January 7, 2020, the cumulative execution on a 14300 classes, running ZhengChangLv reach an average of 94.78%.

During the Spring Festival, China Eastern and its China united airlines will open 92 routes, flight plan execution of more than 6600 flights, prudent in Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, haikou, sanya, hangzhou, Qingdao, Harbin, such as several major cities in China, da nang and fukuoka, Japan, Vietnam and other international popular tourist destination.

China Eastern said, adding the Beijing daxing international airport to chengdu, wenzhou, guangzhou, xian, chongqing, ningbo flights to a total of 364 class.

The Spring Festival this year, China Eastern airlines will also be in Beijing for the first time two operations.

The capital airport, China Eastern airlines will increase during the Spring Festival in Beijing capital international airport to Bangkok, krabi international flights, a total of 74 classes, the new Beijing capital international airport to Harbin, wuhan, xishuangbanna, wenzhou, nanchang domestic flights, a total of 98 class.

According to China Eastern aspect, after two operations, the Spring Festival in Beijing capacity was increased by 21% over the same period last year.

And united as one of the first fully transitions in daxing airlines, since the rotation field of sailing, have been in Beijing daxing international airport on route 69, ensure flight 12751 class, run ZhengChangLv amounted to 94.32%.

During the Spring Festival, united will enable the newly introduced four aircraft capacity, the company fleet size reach 53, in daxing airport flight 5417, year-on-year increase of 6.51%;Project total investment of about 1.699 billion km, up 7% from a year earlier.

United are expected, in the Spring Festival period in daxing, or the carrier will be more than 830000 passengers, the first peak for January 18 - January 24, average daily passenger flow is expected to more than 22000 people;After peak for January 29 - February 3, average daily passenger flow is expected to about 23000 people.So far, united in daxing, or has already sold 400000 ticket.

Another base of daxing airport, China southern airlines said plan extra flights at the airport in the capital airport and building a total of 650, up 235% from a year earlier.

In addition to the increase in daxing airport hot airline flight, China southern airlines will also be in the capital airport expansion from haikou, sanya, baishan, changde and other airlines flight 144.